Michael Combs

Art For the Human Spirit


Michael is an artist with quite a story to tell, and a specific message to share. You see Michael has died and come back, twice in fact. It was attributed to an ongoing heart problem. The minutes without oxygen left him severe memory loss and a childlike view of the world. He worked tirelessly to retrain his brain and gain his life back. It is his innocence and joy of living, as he worked through the recovery process, that is uniquely evidenced in his artwork. In fact, he only began painting for the first time a short 40 weeks after his after-death experience. And, once he recovered sufficiently, he set a goal to fly into all 50 states and encourage millions. He succeeded in 2012.

Today Michael writes books, instrumental music & symphonies, and even meditations (and still aims to set more world records) to share what he's learned through his unique and challenging journey to never give up on your dreams. He is currently beating cancer, and his most recent works reflect that zest for life, as well as the turmoil of the times.

Not only does Michael's art express what he experiences, both visually and emotionally, he shares the lessons he has learned through the eyes of one who has experienced a childlike sense of wonder twice in one life. Through it all, it is his strong connection to God that drives him and gives him hope and an unsinkable determination to keep moving forward.



For Love by Michael Combs


Never Too Late Text by Michael Combs


Coffee Cats by Michael Combs


Radiate by Michael Combs


End of the Day by Michael Combs


Mourning Light by Michael Combs


City Cats by Michael Combs


There Were Two Giraffes by Michael Combs


Cruise Cats by Michael Combs


Hey Lady by Michael Combs


Mud Waterfall by Michael Combs


Hope for the Human Spirit by Michael Combs


Two Choices by Michael Combs


Bregdion by Michael Combs


The Calling by Michael Combs


Flutter by Michael Combs


Shapes of Life by Michael Combs


Simply Joys by Michael Combs